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We at Global Exchange are a reliable, courteous and friendly with service excellence, providing hassle free, fast and easy service to send money to families and friends back home. Our worldwide money transfer provides the best rates to Sri Lanka, India and worldwide.

Thanks to our solid operation network throughout Sri Lanka, India and countries worldwide our valuable service are focused on getting the right deal for you. Global exchange smart money can satisfy all your needs.


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As an added benefit to all our valuable customers and in keeping abreast with the “21st Century, Smart money Global Exchange provides the best money transfer service with excellent exchange rate to any part our the world.


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We proudly continue to maintain a leadership position with regard to money transfers to Sri Lanka Money Transfer and India Money Transfer. Our International alliances enable us money transfers to send to different parts of the world instantly, efficiently and reliably giving you the client more and more value for Money.

Along with an enviable network of local contacts both here in the UK and abroad, we have the distinct advantage of robust business relationship with national and International financial body of expert professionals.


Whatever your choice Our services cover it all!

Satisfied customers that have dealt with us in the past already know of our high standard of service provided by a highly respected money transfer company like ours. You’ll find our staff wholly committed to providing rapid and reliable services giving you the widest choice and greatest value for your money possible!

Send Money without coming to our office.

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